Classic Kutz Documentary hits Top 100 Movies of 2016

Classic Kutz from SOM Networks on Vimeo.

Not your typical barbershop movie, “Classic Kutz”, goes into the life of celebrity barber Teddy Maxwell. With a famous slogan “One cut will make you a believer”, he has truly been a spark in his hometown of Brunswick, GA. The documentary directed and produced by Rueben Wood, has garnered the attention of many critics and spectators across the world.

The documentary broke the Top 100 Movies of 2016 list by Film Crave, giving even more notoriety to the film. From the creative process to the filming aspect Classic Kutz has been a true inspiration to the community and barbers. Barbers are normally ranked by their skill in the profession, and Teddy Maxwell shows more than just his skills, in what some are calling one of the best documentaries of the Hair industry.

Classic Kutz takes place in Brunswick, Ga. giving you an inside look at how Teddy Maxwell got his start and a stroll down memory lane in the communities. Showcasing a harsh reality behind what really happens in many families household the film will surely leave viewers inspired after watching it. Classic Kutz is currently available on VOD outlets, and coming to select theaters in Georgia, California, and New York. The documentary has been submitted to several Film Festivals around the world currently in the early stages of its release.

About Classic Kutz:

The story of one barber and his journey. Coming from foster care Teddy Maxwell becomes the celebrity barber and owner of Maxwell’s Classic Kutz. This Documentary was filmed in south east Georgia’s Glynn County, the birth place of Maxwell. Produced by Celebrity Journalist Rueben Wood.


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