Jay Z’s Tidal Moves Into Original Programming With Comedy Series

Tidal seems to be headed into expanding as the music program will be offering more than just centering around music, music videos and live performances. The music app has now expanded to creating new original programming, starting off with a comedy series.

The music streaming service launched by Jay Z has ordered No Small Talk, a standup comedy show hosted by DJ Cipha Sounds, Spaced Out Magazine Radio has confirmed. The first five episodes of the series will be available Nov. 3 on Tidal with additional new episodes releasing every Tuesday. Tidal is hoping to entice new customers by making the first episode available for free to non-subscribers.

The No Small Talk pickup comes less than two weeks after T.I. announced on stage at the TIDAL X: 1020 concert that the streaming service had ordered a second season of Money & Violence, a drama that filmmaker Moe Verneau originally distributed on YouTube.

New episodes of Money & Violence will debut in January and will have a week of exclusivity on Tidal. The complete first season of the show is also available on Tidal with exclusive commentary from the cast.

Tidal launched in March as an artist-friendly alternative to streaming services like Spotify, offering high definition music starting at $9.99 a month. It has since amassed a library 35 million songs and several thousand music videos. The company has faced some bumps since its launch, losing both a CEO and interim CEO in a matter of months.

Tidal placed a focus on exclusive videos at the start, offering music videos, short films and other videos to its subscribers. Tidal also made a free live stream available for its TIDAL X: 1020 festival, which featured performances by Jay Z, Nicki Minaj and more, and drew 3.3 million viewers.


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