Ricky Jarman – “Get To Know Ya” LYRIC VIDEO

Rising Pop/R&B sensation, Ricky Jarman, is more than just that nice boy next door with bad boy charm.

With his playfulness, his sensual falsetto, his hip hop dance moves, his broad appeal to a wide audience and his athletic and sexy physique, Ricky Jarman draws tons of “oohs” and “ahs” wherever he performs.

Robbie Tee of Jamsphere.com says:

“Ricky has now dropped his latest single, “Get To Know Ya”, written in collaboration with Sam Hamonix, and Produced by Harmonix Factory. If you are a fan of pop music you need to grab this. Also if you are into R&B this track is for you. Hell, if you would just like to hear a track where the recording artist can actually sing then give this a listen. “Get To Know Ya” is dancy, it’s grooving, its emotional and the arrangement, both musically and vocally is absolutely sublime. Ricky forges some jaw-dropping vocals laced with a handful of falsetto passages to get the Adrenalin pumping.

This music is fresh and catchy. It sounds great in the car, at the gym, at the club, or wherever you just want to escape for a bit with some good funky synth beats and ‘turn-you-on’ lyrics.  This track will take you on a roller-coaster ride of musical highs and higher, with no lows! The way Ricky Jarman weaves his voice into the different verses and chorus is breathtaking, while the lyrics are straightforward and honest, and sung with integrity and feeling. In short – if you’re looking for a shake-your-ass, R&B inflected Pop track with great vocals, “Get To Know Ya” is the one. Ricky Jarman has a great, great voice and this song displays it in its fullness!”

Social media:
Twitter- https://twitter.com/RickyJarman1
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/rickyjarman2
Instagram- https://instagram.com/
Website- www.rickyjarman.com


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