FKA Twigs Doesn’t Need Taylor Swift As A Friend

During this time when Taylor Swift is on top and pretty much everyone wants to be part of Taylor Swift’s “squad,”FKA Twigs says she doesn’t really care to be the pop star’s new friend.

In a new cover story with Paper magazine, Twigs is asked about her performance and how she connects with her audience in a very different way from someone like Swift, whose hook seems to be “how much you want to be her friend.”

“I think Taylor Swift is great, but I wouldn’t necessarily think, ‘Oh my god, I have to be friends with her,'” Twigs replied. “When I meet fans, they’re quite creative and intelligent, kind, sensitive. Some are old ladies, kids that have just left art school. Gay or lesbian couples, straight middle-aged couples…”

Twigs continued, saying she feels people respond to her honesty and mused over her own discomfort at calling her fans “fans.”

“I’m honest, and that comes out,” she said. “Honest people come in lots of different types and they relate to things that aren’t straightforward. I’m happy that people can roll with me, give me a chance, and let me explain my songs through my visuals. But I don’t even like calling fans ‘fans.’ It’s like, [pulls face ] Ugh, fans. [laughs] It’s just people that like your music.”



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