Gaviana Releases New Music!





Gaviana really brings It when it comes to R&B. From her unique Soulful Powerhouse Vocals to her Catchy soundy beats. Born November 25,1995 in Brooklyn New York. Moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida then back to New York to live in Valley Stream, Long Island. Gaviana started to have a passion for singing at a young age. After watching her favorite Disney movie the Cheetah Girls She wanted to perform like they did and that’s when she decided to become a singer.


She started getting piano lessons at age 8 and started composing her own music at 11. She then started to become involved in Musicals and Talent Shows at her High School. She also joined her local Performing Arts Program. She then joined the Non Profit Organization Star Potential were aspiring artist like herself would perform around the town like Festivals and Concerts. During her Senior Year her demo got in the hands of her future manager Donnie Lee Farrow and he was so impressed he signed her immediately. This is only the beginning of Gaviana.


Stream her new music here:


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