D.Best ft. Jaye “Let Us Pray”

“Let us Pray” is an ode to the younger generation of of rap and hip hop lovers. Telling you to change your life and focus on the more important things, this song gives a powerful message of what many consider to be the stereo types of growing up black. Artist D. Best tells his side of what he had to do to make it out of violence and poverty for the betterment of his life.

David “D.Best” Foster was born August 17th, 1990 in the city of Aurora, IL. He was raise by his mother, Nichelle Cole Foster. D.Best began to write music at 9 years old. In middle school he received his infamous name “D.BEST”. D.Best began performing while attending Aurora West High School. He began recording and releasing music working with artist such as: “Pop It off Boys”,  “Space Jam Jaye”, “Lucci Vee” (from the TVshow Bad Girls Club), and many others.  D.Best has shared the stage host of other entertainers including “Rockie Fresh”, “Vic Mensa”, and “ Willie the Kid.
D.Best has a strong presents in social media, through outlets such as: FaceBook, YouTube, Vine, and Twitter. To date D.Best has thousands of fans worldwide with over 30,000 twitter follows.  D.Best Hit Song include “Party”, “Derrick Rose “featuring Lucci Vee,  “Let Us Pray” featuring Space Jam Jaye, “Party with the Kid” and “Wa Down”  D.Best has performed through out the Midwest & California, and has been featured on various radio stations.


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