Tyga Raps Explicit Verse About Kylie In Song “$timulated”

Tyga, recently released his mixtape called Fuk What They Talkin Bout and the rapper had a lot to say about his boo Kylie Jenner. He once again alluded to their relationship ( as they were dating for a while before she turned 18; Tyga is 25) on the song, Stimulated on the mixtape.


“They say she young/She should have waited,” he says on the song “$timulated,” presumably referring to the 18-as-of-two-weeks-ago Jenner, who he’s been dating for almost a year. “She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated,” he concludes, essentially raising a metaphorical middle finger to the couple’s detractors.

Another song Tyga released earlier this year, “Pleazer,” had lyrics that suggested the rapper might “catch a felony” for a sexual liaison — which many interpreted as a veiled allusion to the possible statutory rape of Kylie Jenner. He refuted those claims, saying he wrote the song before they were together.


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