Director Claims The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Clip & His Unreleased Video Share ‘Uncanny’ Resemblance

Is Mitch Moore trying to say that The Weeknd copied Majical Cloudz for his “I Can’t Feel My Face” video? The director took to Instagram to share his opinion on the similarities of the group’s unreleased video. Moore posted a video on Instagram on Monday, Aug. 24 which features side-by-side footage of “Can’t Feel My Face” and the unreleased music video by Majical Cloudz, which he directed.

“So about a year ago, I directed a video for Majical Cloudz. Because of creative differences, it never came out,” Moore wrote on an Instagram post. But the production was large, and many feedback emails were sent out with private uploads of the edit. It’s come to my attention that some body [sic] at the help of a certain mega popular video must have seen one or more of these unreleased edits. The resemblance is too uncanny.”

The concept isn’t all that new or unique in films or videos..

After his claim spread throughout social media, Moore amended his post to clarify that he wasn’t “calling” any artist or video out. “I’m NOT calling out any specific body including that video’s director. BTW neither idea is original. But the mise en scene of the shots and their function within the scene were too uncannily similar.”

Seems like he is calling The Weeknd out if he posted the similarity of the video and said “a certain artist”


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