Fetty Wap Announces Release Date For Debut Album

With having three singles being in the Top 20 in The Hot 100 Billboard charts, Fetty Wap has just announced he will be releasing his debut album. What’s more, he has achieved this success without even releasing an album — until now.

The “Trap Queen” rapper will be releasing his debut album on Sept. 25, according to the Associated Press. Still untitled, Fetty said he completed the record earlier this summer.

“I’m just waiting for it to get mixed and mastered,” the 24-year-old told AP. “My album been done for like two months now.”

In those two months, Fetty followed up his initial “Trap Queen” success with “My Way” and “679,” signed on to Chris Brown’s One Hell of a Nite Tour, and was invited to join Taylor Swift on stage in Seattle. Once he has a full-length album to his name, who knows what’s next for Fetty — total world domination?

Get your chance to see Fetty when he performs at Billboard’s Hot 100 Music Festival on Aug. 22. See the full lineup and get your tickets for the two-day fest here.



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