Drake Says He “Hasn’t Taken a Loss All Week” & Celebrities Show Support For OVO Fest

In a recent video that has been circulating around, the video shows Drake at the kickball charity.  The cameraman and Drake have a humorous conversation :

” What’s going on with you today, what’s up with the kickball game, you ready to take this loss?” in which Drake replies, “Man like you said, I haven’t taken a loss all week. ” and the two explode in laughter.

If you take closer look to his shirt, he has on a “Charged Up” shirt in which of course was the diss song’s title. The song was released hours later after the kickball charity.

Annually, Drake has his OVO Fest and invites a slew of artists and celebrities to come out and show support or enjoy themselves. This year, Drake invited J Cole (and his artist Bas, Cozz, and Omen), Big Sean, Jeremih, YG, Kevin Hart and others.

Notably, Will Smith (who is from Philly) came through to show his support for Drake (instead of Meek Mill), and Karrueche (Chris Brown’s ex) also came through to show her support for Drake (being that Chris and Drake don’t get along)



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