Safaree Gushes About New Girfriend Zashia on Instagram

Aww! Safaree has found him an extraordinary woman! Meet Safaree’s new love/woman in his life, Zashia Santiago, who is a celebrity makeup artist and actress just to a few to name on her resume. Might we say Safaree has definitely chosen a beauty! Santiago is of Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Salvadorian descent. Safaree recently gushed and expressed his love for her and how great it feels to have someone genuinely there for him.

“I had a photoshoot yesterday..Felt good to have someone genuinely rooting for me and holding me down… I don’t ever wear make up but she forced powder on me and brushed my goatee,” He captioned the picture.

“She also made me get a make me feel how a man is suppose to feel. Feels good to be uplifted by ya woman… thank you,”

He then goes on to say how talented his woman is,”Fyi shes one of the best make-up artist I’ve ever seen in the world and I know a good make-up artist when I see one. Respect to all the lovely make-up artist all over the world!

He also revealed their latest photoshoot together and must we say, it is very tasteful and amazing! He also slides in the querky support for Drake’s recent diss to Meek Mill “Back to Back Freestyle”.

“Back to front…. We have 1 back to back ill save for a later time.. #hardestpicoftheyear #stuntgang #calvinkleinneedsme #loveyou #rare Stuntman and @zashias320 #shewatchesmyback nothing like the feeling of tackling the world together.”



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