Future Forced to Move Free Concert in L.A.

With Future’s DS2 release, Future has designated a few select cities to receive a free concert and it has caused quite some attention and crowds. The rapper was set to peform at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA, but plans went array.

After too many people showing up for the venue, the event had been therefore been canceled and police shut the show down long before it was scheduled to even start. Like the three other shows before, Thursday’s concert was free and fans showed up in droves early to get in, bringing out Los Angeles County sheriff deputies in riot gear in response.

According to CBS Los Angeles, people began lining up for the show as early as 9 a.m. to get in to the midnight show at the 500-person venue. Around 1 p.m., when wristbands were being handed out for the show, sheriff’s deputies were called out because the crowd started to become rowdy.

The street outside the venue on Sunset Boulevard was closed around 2 p.m. and the show was canceled around 3 p.m. By 5 p.m. police had reopened the section to traffic.

The free concert wasn’t truly cancelled as Future later posted on Instagram the newly updated venue location

Hope those who made it enjoy the show!

credit: billboard.com



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