Predator a.k.a. Big Pred Releases “I’m Gonna Get Mine (Remix)”

Predator (aka Big Pred) is an Underground hip hop artist from Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.  Predator (“Pred” as his peers refer to him as) has worked very hard at crafting his own unique sound and style as a way to stand out among other artists in his genre.

Predator was given his stage name from a fellow hip-hop artist while they were having a cypher and he got thrown into the mix; unassuming and quiet, the artist just sat and observed, and did not get involved until he was persuaded by his crew to throw down a few bars.  He came in, displayed his ability, and casually stepped back; one of the participants noted that he was “Like the Predator…just sitting there, waiting, no one noticing…. Then BOOM!!!  Came out of nowhere and laid it down…”

Seeing as how the artist did not have a stage name at that time, he adopted the name he had been given and began to craft his style and sound as a recording artist.

Starting out and relying on his hometown following, this artist had gotten frustrated because his location was not supportive to any hip-hop music, and as a general rule artists from that area usually give up music due to lack of support from the community unless they are in the genres of Rock or Country music, as Lloydminster is primarily a country/rock market for music.  After many failed attempts and stops/starts at establishing a hip-hop scene in the Border City, Predator refocused his target towards a larger market: The United States.

After several meetings and discussions with people who had been in the industry and marketed music, they had established that attempting to establish a hometown following was slowing the artist’s progress, and was in fact, detrimental to what he was trying to achieve. 2015 saw a major shift for PREDATOR as he made his appearances on mixtapes and albums with other artists from outside of Canada, making his following quickly increase South of the Border and Overseas as well.  Radioplay, streaming radio, and appearances on collaborative projects has increased exposure for Pred as he is picking up momentum toward his goal of becoming a heavy-hitter in the already saturated music market.

PREDATOR is a solo artist, but he also frequently collaborates with D-STACKZ (from Saskatoon, Sk). The duo have recorded many songs together, and both are joining forces to release D-STACKZ / PREDATOR : SEEK + DESTROY later this year.  2015 is an exciting time for this artist, as he is currently looking at the prospect of releasing a minimum of 4 separate projects this year.  Highlights of Predator’s hip hop career thusfar have have been his ability to share stages with artists such as Apathy, Snak The Ripper, Merkules, Jaclyn Gee, Maestro Fresh Wes, Swollen Members, Madchild, Big Smo and many more.

Looking forward to his future as an artist, PREDATOR was stated as saying “The only direction I am gonna move is UP. It’s a daily thing…. Sharpen your craft, get better, get the word out, more fans, etc.  Momentum only slows on this when You do.  Keep at it.  It may take some time, but I’ll get where I’m going”.  This year has already served well for PREDATOR, and it seems like he will continue to gain traction in the music industry over the coming months.  Keep an eye out for this artist, as he has a unique formula that makes him stand out.


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