Check out the soulful sounds of Ish Illa

ish-illa album cover white with red


Singer IsH-iLLa is putting the raw rhythm and soul back into R&B with an uplifting gospel feel to top it off. IsH-iLLa’s potential to compete with the greats vocally is more than there. With his song “Ain’t Going Back” thats featured on many different radio stations and mixtapes going worldwide you can hear the pain and the reminisce in his voice as he paints you a portrait of his past experiences on the south side of Chicago in this song. Need to say, when you first hear him you think, “why isn’t this guy a star #1 on the music charts somewhere” but then you realize he’s a rising Phoenix out of his pasted ashes coming to carve his name soon and claim his stake as an R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel singer, Songwriter and when you see that, All you can do is stand as a fan from the sidelines cheering him on as you watch him take whats rightfully his in the music world.
For more information please check out IsH-iLLa’s links:


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