Ty Griff New Single “Real Love”

Music has been a passion of mine since I can remember; I got this talent from my father, which was not something I was proud of for a while and the main reason I did not want to pursue a career in music. He was not really there for me while I was growing up so I wanted to be nothing like him, but music was in me and I could not fight it or get away from it.


My name is Tyquan Griffin aka Ty Griff and I was born in Morristown, NJ at Morristown Memorial Hospital on July 20th, 1985 and from the day I heard my first song I’ve loved music.  I knew I wanted to be an artist in the music industry honestly, around 19-20 years old; the thing that influenced me was being in the studio, from the first time I walked in a studio, I fell in love with every aspect of it. From day one, I mean the first time I stepped in a studio and starting writing music and recording I was sold, it was like an escape from the world, I loved it and haven’t looked back yet. It has instantly become my passion in life, my escape, my everything. I love it so much, I taught myself how to record myself and other people, not only to produce people, but how to make and produce beats, to mixdown songs, to master songs, to rap and take singing lessons. I’m more then a triple threat and that’s because of the passion I have for music.

Growing up I was the man of the family; there was my mother, grandmother, aunt, two little cousins and younger brother. I started paying bills around 14 and continue to do so today. I’ve never went without working at least two jobs. I’m telling you this to explain what my work ethic is like.  Also I’m very motivated, ambitious and hungry, here’s a little story, about 5 years ago my mother went blind, so not only have I been taking care of her, I’ve been helping to raise my younger brother, received an associates degree in liberal arts and a B.A. in Psychology, all while working 2 full time jobs and one part time job.

Like I previously stated I am a very ambitious and hungry young man, and if giving the opportunity would put more into my music then I’m probably supposed to. If just given one chance, would take it and triple my value. And the person whom gave me this chance would not be sorry because in return they would get my all, I mean everything. My work ethic is uncanny, but I’m not a very big talker, I believe in the saying “actions speak louder then words” so what I’m saying is I could show you better then I could tell you if given the opportunity.

My influences in the industry are Donell Jones, Musiq Soulchild, and Eminem. These three guys helped me get through a lot of problems growing up listening to them helped ease me and keep the motivation I needed to continue on with my life. It’s a weird combination of people but they are great artist and make great music and have influenced me to strive for more then just being a good artist, they push me to want to be the best, the hungriest, the greatest, a superstar. Making it in the industry is not enough for me, I want more, I want to go down in history as one of the greatest and be remember for my music and how it helped millions get through a rough day and keep on moving.

There are things I want to strive for in the industry, like I previously stated it’s not enough for me to be good or ok, when people talk about me I want them to say how great my music is, how great of a person I am and how much I’ve helped them. I want grammy’s and lifetime achievement awards and to move a million or more units every time I release an album. I know what I need to do and have what it takes to make this happen, I believe in me, I just need someone to believe in me too and give me a chance to prove myself. Again this person will be more then happy with the choice they’ve made because they are getting more then an artist, they will be receiving a superstar and everything they invest in me will come back to them ten fold.

I’ve performed with and opened for Uncle Murda, Choo Biggs, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Tone Trump, Fred da Godson, Grafh, Migos, Fat Trel and a couple more people. Performed in NC, FL, NY, NJ and PA and at SXSW in Austin, TX twice. Ive done shows with Coast 2 Coast, Hot 97 (had a song played on hot 97 too).  Done mixtapes hosted by Llyod Banks and Sean Kingston, have been featured on a B.E.T. Awards mixtape.  Music is my niche, I love making music and I WILL share my music with the world.


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