Nicki Minaj Goes Off On Safaree Samuels For Telling His Side Of What Happened

Don’t piss Nicki off, she is truly a ticking time-bomb! Her ex-fiancee Safaree recently released his latest new music from his mixtape called It Is What It Is and specifically on his song ‘Love The Most’ he surely tells it all! He briefly touches on Minaj’s infidelity ways, and the incidents that occurred during their relationship. After hearing the buzz behind the song, of course the songstress caught wind of the song and didn’t let it go unnoticed.

“You ain’t do it all alone. We took ourselves up out the hood,” Safaree sings. “Yeah, we made it on the rise. Ain’t no green in my eyes. ‘Cause we both went to sleep in the same bed of lies.”

“I had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool,” Safaree sings. “Inside I was feeling like a motherf—— fool.”

The Head Barb wasn’t too pleased so she instantly responded

I’m happy today not b/c of meek. But b/c i know Im a good person. Don’t hate u. Will always love u. I forgive u. It’s time to move on.


The whole entire song discusses their relationship, check it out below:

Personally she has it twisted, it’s okay for her to do a whole album talking about him, but he does a song and all hell breaks loose ?? You cheated on him, and listened to another guy’s lies, disrespected ya man and didn’t claim him at all.


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