Talk about strength! An 87-year old Georgia woman is truly a hero as she helped her daughter out of their burning house. She was still recovering from a “massive” heart attack, risked her life and found the determination to rescue her disabled daughter and carry her out of her burning Georgia home.

“I had plenty of strength honey. That was my child,” Allene Callahan told TV Station WSB-TV. “You don’t know until you face something like that. It takes everything out of you.”

Authorities who responded to the scene Saturday night in Woodstock Ga. told the station when they entered the smoke filled house they saw Callahan with her 67-year-old daughter Shirley in her arms trying to carry her out to safety. Officers assisted her as they made their way out from the blaze.

“I ran directly in through the front door which was on fire. (I) ducked underneath the fire and got inside,” Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Derrick Voss told the station. “Mrs. Callahan was inside the house. She didn’t want to leave her daughter.”

Shirley Callahan suffers from Cerebral Palsy and was lying on a bed inside the house. The family had just returned from a visit to the hospital hours before the fire started as the family members were asleep.

I had plenty of strength honey. That was my child.

Allene Callahan, who said she had suffered a “massive” heart attack months earlier, was awakened by a popping sound. She said she immediately prayed to God for his help.

She then went to work, grabbing a garden house and spraying down the flames near the front entrance to clear a pathway to flee the home.

“I grabbed the water hose and watered it down around the door enough to get her out,” Allene Callahan said.

Next she lifted her daughter out of the bed and headed to the door. The officers arrived in time to assist the rescue.


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