Three Men Taken Into Custody in Connection With Chinx’s Murder

Reports are circulating that three men connected to the murder of Chinx were taken into custody yesterday (May 17) afternoon after NYPD’s SWAT team raided a home on 2436 Beach Channel Drive in Far Rockaway, Queens. According to, “Rockaway’s online Newspaper”, the men taken into custody may be linked to two different crimes in the area. “While details are still sketchy, police sources say that three men were taken into custody at 2436 Beach Channel Drive at about 12:45 on Sunday, reportedly in connection with Pickens’ (Chinx’s) shooting. Others, however, say those men were arrested for stealing a car in Bayswater, Queens and were chased to the location by police officers. It is possible, however, sources say, that the two cases are connected and that the shooters were seeking to steal a car to leave the area.”

While details are still scarce at best, it appears law enforcement is on the case. XXL will continue to bring you updates as the investigation continues.



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