Khia Wants to Work With Miley Cyrus

Khia wants to make music with Miley Cyrus. Cyrus performed on Wednesday night (May 13) at Adult Swim’s New York upfront party at Terminal 5. During her show she performed Khia’s 2002 hit single “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).” The Florida native saw Miley’s tribute and thanked her via Twitter for performing the hit song.

TMZ spoke to Khia who said: ”probably the only white girl on the planet that can twerk and talk about getting her pussy licked that it’s acceptable and it be true like my song.” She continued on to say that she still would love to have Miley on her new song, “Yum Yum Sauce.”

In 2013 Miley and Khia discussed collaborating on Twitter after the pop singer tweeted she jamming to “My Neck My Back” (see below). Also in 2013 Khia remixed Miley Cyrus’ hit single “We Can’t Stop,” which Miley loved. Maybe one day these two artist can get in the studio to make music. One Day.



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