Drake Says The “Wu-Tang Forever” Remix Was Never Finished

Following the release of Drake’s album Nothing Was the Same in 2013, rumors of a remix to “Wu-Tang Forever” ran rampant. News leaked that members of the Wu had recorded their verses and images from a video shoot with A$AP Rocky popped up but the song never came to fruition. In October, the Wu came out publicly and said that the song didn’t work out for a litany of reasons and while Drake was in New York City yesterday for his art collaboration with Sotheby’s and a writer from Vulture asked Drizzy about the failed remix.

“Wu-Tang Forever” is an interesting song choice. What happened to the video for the remix from last year?
Oh, man, that’s kind of behind us. That was two projects ago. There was a remix that 40 [Noah Shebib] was working on. He has a really personal relationship with a lot of those guys from Wu-Tang, and me and Rocky were working on a video at one point in Harlem, and it was cool, but with schedules and all that, different things came into play and we never really got to finish, which is not something I recommend. You should always try and finish your music video.

The art collaboration, called “I Like It Like This,” features a 50 pieces from contemporary artists like Basquiat, Glenn Ligon, Theaster Gates, Kara walker and David Hammons placed alongside music selected by Drake. The rapper spoke about the collab with Vulture:

How did this collaboration come together?
My management team, who are also my best friends, hit me with the opportunity. Whenever I’m traveling abroad, one of my managers is really into art, so we talk art a lot and we go to Sotheby’s or Peter Harrington or wherever and try and see what we can when we’re traveling. My manager told me that there a was an opportunity for me to be able to curate the music to go with some extremely incredible pieces of work. From there we took it on, and I’m just blown away to see these pieces in person. I’ve been staring at them, obviously on paper, for a month. It’s so incredible to see it in person and be able to put the headphones on and realize, like, you know, okay, yeah, this really works.

credit: xxlmag.com


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