Tidal Is Offering Users a Chance to Attend a Private J. Cole Concert


As the new music streaming service continues to grab attention, they released yet another attention grabber– a private J. Cole concert.

Tidal is offering users in New York City a chance to see J. Cole perform in a private, intimate setting. The five top NYC Tidal users who listen to the most J. Cole music between the dates April 11 and April 20 will be selected for the show that Tidal calls “Better than front row. Closer than backstage.” Cole has been active in promoting Tidal to his fans. Following his homecoming show at St. John’s, Cole hosted a special meet and greet for the top J. Cole Tidal listeners following the show. Based on his loyal fan base–evidenced by the big first week sales of his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive–listeners will surely flock to Tidal in an attempt to see their favorite MC up close and personal.

On Thurs (April 9) night, Cole returned to St. John’s University in Queens, New York to perform at his Alma Mater. Though he graduated from the school, the rapper never received his diploma after failing to return a library book or pay the fee. The powers that be must have been happy to have him back on campus because administrators waived the fee and finally gave Cole his diploma. “Tonight, I guess the let me slide,” he told The Village Voice.


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