Watch a Recap Video of Kanye West’s Concert in Paris

Kanye showed off his amazing dance moves while he was in Paris during early March, but outside of the clips on social media, the full Parisian performance remained out of sight. Late last week, the Fondation Louis Vuitton quietly dropped a recap video of Yeezy’s concert and show the visually stunning stage setup ‘Ye had behind him. While there is no actual music from the show (the sound is dubbed over with an eerie mix of nature sounds), the two-minute clip captures the energy and passion of Kanye’s stage presence. The Louis Vuitton museum provided an intimate setting for Kanye and gave the detail-oriented MC an amazing multi-screen backdrop featuring scenes of the forest and the ocean that coincide perfectly with the recaps audio selection. Check out the clip above.

Earlier this week Kanye was announced as one of the new partners in Tidal, the music streaming service launched by Jay Z. Tidal discussed at length on social media and by major media outlets since the press conference announcing the service was held earlier this week. According to Tidal, it is the “first-ever artist-owned global music and entertainment platform.” Tidal will run subscribers $19.99 per month for high fidelity service, or $9.99 for standard.



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