Kanye West Insists President Obama Calls Him

Kanye West is saying President Obama’s recent statement that he’s never called the West household is false. Potus was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he denied speaking to either Jay Z or West, despite both of the rap stars’ claims. TMZ cameras recently caught up with West at Los Angeles International Airport where he says despite what the Commander In Chief told the nation on Kimmel, Obama has rang his line before. “I love Obama. He’s called our house before, he knows that,” said a smiling Kanye (yes, he was actually smiling). He continued, “C’mon bro, don’t try to put us against each other.” After giving a pap who questioned him about Rush Limbaugh’s recent statements dap, West was off. So who’s telling the truth?

On a side note, is this the happiest we’ve ever seen Yeezy in the presence of the paparazzi? He really looks overly happy for some reason. We’re used to seeing the Kanye who despises the paps and even hands out a fade or two. But lately West has been Mr. Cool even posing for pics with photogs and giving them compliments. Has West turned over a new leaf? Or does he know something we don’t? So Help Me God is coming soon. Maybe sooner than we think.

credit: xxlmag.com


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