Diddy To Produce for Kanye West, Pusha T, The Weeknd and Others

“Real n—-s and real music are back in style!” Though Diddy (formerly P. Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy, formerly the biggest producer on Earth) exists primarily in hip-hop’s ether, as a cool, smirking antagonist, he’s been itching to get back behind the boards. The Bad Boy founder took to Instagram yesterday (March 10) to announce a special, limited-time offer: for the next 12 months, the man who crafted “Juicy” and “If I Was Your Girlfriend” will be returning to Pro Tools, presumably with a toothpick in tow.

The rapper, reality star and marathoner posted a picture of himself, shirtless, in the studio with Pusha T, along with an explanatory caption. “Yes the rumors are true,” Diddy wrote. “It’s been a long time since I had been really focused on producing music. My first love. Is the type of love that Will never go away!” Clarifying that he has been in–or plans to go to–the studio with Pusha, Kanye West, The Weeknd, A$AP Ferg and the singer Cassie, he gave the 12-month window, a window that rap’s biggest stars will take advantage of if they and their A&Rs have any sense. Puff also promised to get back in the studio with The Lox, 20 years after Bad Boy’s heyday.

Diddy’s last album, 2011′s Last Train to Paris, spawned several hits, most notably the Skylar Grey-featuring, J. Cole-penned “Coming Home.” There has been no word as to whether he plans to craft another solo album during this period of production work.  In addition to the Pusha T picture, Diddy posted a picture of himself behind a mixing board with Timbaland.

credit: xxlmag.com


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