Kendrick Lamar Raps A Freestyle During Big Boy’s Real 92.3 Show

Kendrick Lamar appeared on the launch of radio personality Big Boy’s return to radio today (March 9) and freestyled over the instrumental of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “The What” on the eighteenth anniversary of the rapper’s death. 

“From Compton to congress,” the TDE artist rapped. “It’s set-trippin’ all around / AIn’t nothin’ new but a [few] of / Democrips and Reblodicans / Red State versus a Blue State / Which one you governin’? / They give us guns and drugs / Call us thugs.”

During the interview portion of his visit, the Compton, California rapper explained why did not attend the Grammys February 8.

I had to turn that album in,” Kendrick said. “I was on a deadline, on the clock.

“It’s crazy, as a kid I never thought of no Grammy,” Kendrick continued. “As a kid, writing raps that was way over my head. Just to be accomplished with any award it can be BET awards or anything, it’s a compliment to me.”

Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s freestyle here.



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