Marvel Releases Official Poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron & Continues to Tease New Superhero

While some might be pumped to see that Marvel finally released its official poster forAvengers: Age of Ultron, truly dedicated fans will be even more excited to notice a glimpse of another superhero, Vision, again as the comics company continues to tease him in its images.

Vision aka The Vision, who appears in the poster right above the Hulk, is an android created by Ultron, the eponymous villain in the upcoming installment. As the story goes, the Avengers convince him to fight alongside the good guys, but that might not be the case in the movie slated to hit theaters May 1.

Paul Bettany has been cast as the upcoming superhero, who also doubles as the voice of JARVIS, Tony Stark/Iron Man’s loyal companion, since the first Iron Man film. He previously dished to Screen Rant that his character is “really good at punching…and also has the ability to change his density.”

In addition to his powerful fists, Vision will also be able to fly because that’s pretty standard in the superhero world.

As far as the rest of the poster goes, it also feels like a regular poster, chock full of the whole cast of characters. The Hulk looks angry, Iron Man’s hand is lit up, Thor is rocking his hammer and the rest of the Avengers are doing their thing. There seems to be ominous dark clouds in the sky while the team faces an attack from Ultron’s killer robots.



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