John Travolta Creeped Out The Internet at the Oscars

And the award for Most Likely to Play the Creepy Uncle at Your Next Wedding goes to….

John Travolta!

“Glom Gazingo” certainly upped his uncomfortable game last night, first with the awkward kissing on the red carpet with Scarlett Johansson and then with the death stare to the back of Benedict Cumberbatch’s head while he sat (presumably plotting) in the audience. His wardrobe also made us all feel a bit off, what with the chain necklace and the guyliner.

And who could forget (we can’t, we tried) his face-touching moment with Idina Menzel? That poor girl has had some s–ty Oscar moments courtesy of Travolta. What a champ.

Basically, everyone was really creeped out by John Travolta last night, though we like to think that he was just preparing to reprise his crazy role in the unannounced sequel to Face Off.

Until Travolta can keep his creepiness at a below-average level, let’s maybe keep him off red carpets and away from award shows, OK? Unless he needs to promote Face Off 2, in which case we will welcome him back with open arms.



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