Lance Armstrong Pleads Guilty After Girlfriend Tries to Take Blame For Hit-and-Run

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Lance Armstrong has pled guilty to hitting two cars in Aspen, Colorado, this past December — the hit-and-run case his girlfriend Anna Hansen originally tried to take the blame for.

According to TMZ, the disgraced cyclist pleaded guilty to careless driving. His two other charges, including speeding and failing to report an accident, have since been dropped. The athlete entered his plea by mail and paid $238.50 in court fees.

As previously reported by Us Weekly, Armstrong’s girlfriend initially tried to take the blame, telling police that she was driving their vehicle home after a party at the St. Regis because “Lance had a little bit to drink.” As detailed by the police report, however, officials were “suspicious of Hansen’s story,” and later interviewed a valet who confirmed it was indeed Armstrong driving.

Hansen later told police they made a “joint decision” for her to take the blame to protect their family and she retracted her statement that Armstrong had been drinking.

The news of the plea comes just two days after Armstrong was ordered to pay $10 million to SCA Promotions in an arbitration ruling on Monday, Feb. 16.



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