North West Cries While Sitting Front Row at New York Fashion Week, (Details of What Happened)


After grumpily attending her father Kanye West’s Adidas show on Thursday, Feb. 12, North West made yet another New York Fashion Week appearance at the Alexander Wang show on Saturday, Feb. 14.

The 19-month-old looked thoroughly distraught sitting on mom Kim Kardashian’s lap. She was photographed crying as her rapper father, 37, attempted to comfort her with some rare smiles.

The cause behind the meltdown was a photographer at the event who was holding a toy monkey, a source tells Us Weekly.

“North was actually so good throughout Alexander’s show but had a moment for one second when she saw a photographer on the other side of the runway with a toy monkey that looked exactly like her favorite one at home,” the source explains to Us. “She is obsessed with it and when she saw the photographer holding the same one, she started crying and reaching out with for it for a few seconds. But then it passed and she was good for the show. After the show, the photographer was really nice and came over and gave her the stuffed animal, and she was happy.”

Walking in the Alexander Wang show was Nori’s aunt Kendall Jenner, who donned all black ensembles and pale makeup for the gothic-style show.

North sat near rapper Nicki Minaj, who graciously offered the little girl her hand and a smile at the fashion event. North wore a black dress with metal stud trim and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

On Thursday, Nori made headlines when she broke into an all-out tantrum at the Adidas event with Beyonce and Jay Z on her right and famed Vogue editor-in-chief and Conde Nast creative director Anna Wintour on her left.

 “Maybe she was just scared for her daddy,” West jokingly told i-D after the show. “She just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place.”



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