G Sol Releases new single “Grind”



My name is Gabriel Solano, otherwise known as G. Sol. I was born in New York, New York on May 21st 1995. I lived in the projects in New Jersey while the majority of my family in the United States continued to live in the Bronx, New York. After moving to The Poconos as a baby I frequently visited and spent time roaming the city with my brother and cousin. I’m Second generation in my family in this country, I’ve seen the ghetto with my own two eyes, I’m a first hand witness and even short time victim of the struggle. I chose the life I live, I didn’t have to do the things I’ve done. I grew up in a time where if you want it you go after it, so i decided to do it in my own way. I was an athlete my entire life up until college, but music was my first love.

I got a keyboard for Christmas one year as a baby and fell in love.  I took a creative writing class my sophomore year which was the first time I was introduced to poetry, though I was very familiar with writing because i had been writing stories since I was 4 years old. I started writing raps instead of notes in class, junior year I switched schools and as a reaction to the change I started writing raps in class, I started recording by October junior year. I was constantly writing freestyles to songs, by senior year I was putting them out to the public. I started work on my first protect which ended up being a 4 track ep named ” Singled Out in SoLitary”, I then started college with a Major. Radio/Tv, I knew I wanted to work in a studio my whole life regardless of what my job in it was.

My teachers soon noticed my prior knowledge and recording talent and proceeded to use me as a bridge to the other talent and a coach for the less gifted. I was also playing baseball at the school but was forces to retire due to a career ending brain condition. I soon finished the semester and didn’t go back to school because i knew from spending the semester in the studio what I wanted out of life, I wanted to be a music legend. Now I’m a full time musician with the passion and ambition to grind to the top.


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